Jane Katch

Author and Speaker on Child Development

and Early Childhood Education


Jane Katch is a teacher whose classrooms have become fascinating laboratories for the study of young children at play. In two highly acclaimed books and a number of articles, she has explored children's violent fantasies and aggressive behavior. Instead of simply banishing these disturbing elements from her classroom, she has followed children into the darkest corners of their world, making them a little safer and a little less scary for her students - and perhaps more importantly, for us.

Katch's books are full of a wisdom that comes largely from the children themselves, as she carefully records their words and actions, and takes the time to inquire about the feelings and intentions behind them. Her work recalls the seminal writings of Piaget, Bettelheim and Mead, anthropologists and psychologists who treat their young subjects with respect and dignity without an ounce of condescension.

As a speaker and consultant, Katch has been able to translate her insights into successful strategies for other teachers and school administrators. In an age where children face danger not only from adults but increasingly from each other, she helps create safe, loving environments that allow them to face and overcome both their anger and their fears in constructive and healing ways.

Jane Katch's classroom has been featured in several articles as well as radio and television specials on the subject of early childhood education, including the PBS special "Raising Cain." She currently teaches at the Touchstone Community School in Grafton, MA.

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